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Wi-Fi Challenge 3 (Level Advanced): Never Underestimate Your Enemy!

Welcome to Challenge 3 of the Wi-Fi Megaprimer!

This challenge has 2 parts:

3a. Never Judge a Packet by its Type:

In this challenge the trace file contains a Shared Key Challenge Text and Encrypted Response. You will need to crack the WEP key with just this.

Download the trace file:

3b. Never Send a N00b to a do a Hacker's Job:

In this challenge, you send your N00b apprentice to collect a Wireshark trace. He mistakenly limits the size of the packets and all your get is a truncated encrypted data packet! :( Can you crack the WEP key with just this? Take a shot!

Download the trace file:

All tools / programming platforms required are present on BT4. We don't expect you to scour the web for this :)

Video Player should be visible here. If not, install / upgrade flash

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